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Do polo shirts represent a smart casual look?

Clothing is an essential part of everyone’s personal and professional lives. Every person wants an appealing look to feel confident and to impress and influence others. Historically, people have had different dress codes for different situations, dividing their wardrobes into formal outfits, and informal and casual outfits.

However, in today’s busy world, people are starting to prefer universal outfits for all situations, be it for work for casual occasions. Today, these universal outfits are also referred to as “smart casual” wear. The question arises are polo shirts smart casual?

The term “smart casual” consists of two words with divergent meanings. Combining the two was made possible by the efforts of Rene Lacoste, who, in the ’20s, developed a part of one of the most preferred smart casual outfits; what is known today as a “polo shirt”.

“Smart casual” is a representation of western attire, that’s usually taken into consideration as informal, but is a notch above the completely casual to pass off in a workplace setting.

How a polo shirt is smart casual?

The most valid phrase associated with a smart casual outfit is, “well dressed casually”. Thus, for being considered as smart casual attire, clothing must be decent in apprehension as well as informal in nature.

A smart casual outfit must be versatile; it must have a contemporary vibe keeping in mind decency as a primary aspect. A smart casual outfit can be utilized almost anywhere, be it in your workplace, as a non-intensive sports outfit, and in informal events as well.

Polo shirts are trendy as well as being able to comfortably fit various people as per their physical types. The polo shirt is extremely flexible in terms of its uses. It can be used as a daily garment or a part of any casual attire. Also, a polo shirt can be paired easily and stylishly with any smart casual wear such as chinos, shorts or capris.

One of the most essential factors to be considered as smart casual attire is premium quality. A typical smart casual outfit is always made up of fine quality fabric. This is seen with a polo shirt, where it’s made of fine quality cotton giving it high levels of breathability for hot days while being able to hold shape and fall.

In a workplace situation also a polo shirt does not let you down. Not only does it provide exceptional comfort for employees at work, but it can also be used as a tool for corporate promotion and publicity. It helps promote your business ventures as an outfit for a promotional campaign. This use of polo shirts is well evident; customized polo shirts feature as regular promotional outfits for corporates.

The increasing popularity of polo shirt over the years

When Lacoste developed the polo shirt, it was primarily used as a sporting outfit in polo games and on tennis courts, due to its moisture dissipating ability and ability to keep the body cool even during hot days. But today, it’s considered a must-have article in anyone’s wardrobe, be it men, women or even kids. This is because of its versatility in being able to go from office wear to vacation wear.

Over the years, the polo shirt has rightfully depicted the true iteration of what we call smart casual. Today it is accepted globally.

Always consider the best for getting the best bang for your buck

To pull off the smart casual look with a polo shirt, you should ensure that it’s of fine and premium quality. Quality products offer the best return on your investment.

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