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Chef’s Uniform

After successfully binge-watching episodes of your favourite cooking show, one is bound to notice several etiquettes and norms of the kitchen. Aside from the cooking station being pristine at all times, there are a few traditions that the chefs follow. For instance, the chef is expected to be seen in their uniform. The uniform serves several purposes- to denote the person in charge, fire safety, and more.
The traditional professional chef’s uniform consists of a hat, a white-double-breasted jacket with knotted buttons and loose-fitting pants in a houndstooth pattern. A few characteristic features of the chef’s uniform, hence deeming it fit for the environment, will be discussed here.

Chef’s Hat

Out of all the items of clothing, the hat also known as the toque blanc is the most recognized. The tallness of the hat indicates the chef’s status and also serves the functional purpose of preventing hair falling and absorbs sweat. The toque is the most traditional design but today is worn in various styles - whatever fits their aesthetic. A bandana or skull cap is a common style.

Chef’s Jacket

Also known as the veste blanc, the main features of this item focus on functionality. The heavy cotton that it is made of, allows breathability and provides insulation. The sleeve lengths vary – long sleeves prevent cuts and burns, and short ones help in keeping the uniform out of the way. The buttons are specifically knotted to circumvent disasters of plastic/metal buttons chipping off.

Chef’s Pants

They are designed to be loose-fitting to assist movement and protect against hot spills – the fit hence avoids close contact with skin. The traditional pattern is a houndstooth pattern, which resembles black and white checks. This is found to be helpful in hiding dirt and stains.

The main reason professional chefs wear white is cleanliness, reflectiveness of heat and ease of maintenance with bleaching. Marie-Antoine felt white was the most appropriate colour to symbolize cleanliness – vital in a professional kitchen, both while working but also in creating an impression. White reflects heat which offers chefs another layer of protection from intense cooking temperatures. And even though white stains easily, it can be bleached clean.

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