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Difference between Cropped and Capri Pants

We often think that Cropped and Capri Pants are the same but is it really the case? While they share some similarities,both in appearance and design, they each have their own unique characteristics. So we are here to help you learn the difference between cropped and Capri that next time when you go shopping for either of these, you don’t end up buying the other.

Capri Pants

Capri shorts are often referred to or known as three quarters as well and they end in the mid-calf portion of the leg. They first gained popularity when women were looking for cooler alternatives to traditional full-length pants. Over the years, they've grown in popularity and are still in relevant today. Women and men love wearing them for the causal and comfortable look they provide.

Capri pants are best worn with a top or a t-shirt. They make a perfect choice for summer casual wear. Originally, these pants were created for women but today even men wear them with t-shirts.

Cropped Pants

Cropped pants are different from Capri Pants because of the difference in their lengths. Cropped pants are longer as they are till the ankle whereas, Capri Pants end by the mid-calf. So they are often referred to as Ankle Jeans or Ankle Pants as well, but however they are different from Capri Pants.

Cropped Pants can be worn as formal wear too if you like.

However, their formality depends on their material. Denim pants are informal and those made of satin and linen are seen as formal wear.

You will see that cropped pants flare at the ends. This is a unique element that adds character to the garment.

So, these were some of the difference between Cropped and Capri Pants and we just want to say that in the end, they are both fashionable and are comfortable to wear. It is just a matter of taste as to which is for whom and that is something we totally support so if you are looking for cropped and Capri pants that have been locally produced in India, UNITO clothing is the best option as they provide the best Capri and Cropped pants at the most affordable prices. We are one of the best garment manufacturing companies in india with years of experience in this field.