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Different Classes of Hi-Viz Clothing

There is no doubt n the fact that security personals and other guards are highly important for society. Moreover, they require specialized security clothes that will match their job environment. This is very important as it will protect them from any potential hazards during their duty. Also, it is beneficial for identifying a person who is in the security team, especially when there are other people as well. Today, we will discuss different classes of hi-viz clothing available in the market. Therefore, make sure to read every section of the post to get an overview of the same.

Classes of Hi-Viz Clothing

As mentioned earlier, there is a high demand for these kinds of clothes. Further, they have some special features that will make the dress code more effective. These dresses include various types of bibs, jackets, vests, and other similar outfits. Also, this dress code is highly important when your job includes night shifts. It is common for people to neglect due to low visibility and end up in an accident. Therefore, it is better to wear some clothes that will protect you. there are basically 3 different classes of hi-viz clothing,

Class #1 Suitable to Providing Good Visibility

This is the most common dress code for the workers near the areas with a low risk of impact. Further, the traffic speed should not increase the limit of 40kmph, especially on straight highways. Moreover, you should not directly be in the contact with the traffic and should maintain sufficient distance. This dress code includes at least 155 square inches of specialized reflection tape. The color may vary from yellow to white as per the requirement. Also, the design should symbolize some pattern or a normal English alphabet such as “H” or “X”. This is best for roadside or parking assist workers.

Class #2 Suitable for Providing Superior Visibility

As the name suggests, the dress code included in class 2 is quite effective than the class 1 outfit. Also, you can wear these dresses in areas with a medium risk of accidents and other casualties. Further, the external vest should include more than 200 square inches of bright reflective tape or fabric. The traffic speed can be moderately high but should not exceed 80kmph. There should be 360 degrees of complete reflection that can be either from the shoulders or across the waist.

#3 Suitable for Providing Complete Body Coverage even in Low Visibility

At last but not least, we have our final class of hi-viz clothing that is used in extreme situations. For instance, you are directly working on a road that has a high probability of running traffic. Further, the first-call responders or emergency workers prefer to wear this to protect them. The dress is very reflective and covers the full body right from the shoulders to the feet. Thus, you will have more than 310 square inches of reflective tape all across the outfit. Hence, you can be visible from long distances in low light conditions.


We hope that this will make you aware of the basic standards protocols regarding the hi-viz clothing. Also, if you are looking for something similar, don’t forget to visit to get an overview. They are one of the best workwear manufactures in India with a lot of variety. Make sure to purchase your set of hi-viz clothes today.