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Different Types of fabrics Used for Sewing Casual Wear

Fabric, the fundamental element in manufacturing a cloth, plays a vital role in all our lives. Every person wants longs for quality fabric and rightly so. High quality fabric makes the cloth durable and provides maximum comfort to the consumer. Besides, the fitting and stitching also is taken into consideration but most importantly the fabric. No-one would be willing to purchase garments especially casual clothes if they are offered at a comparatively lower quality. Thus, before we get into the specifics and brief you about the different types of fabrics used for sewing casual wear, here is what one needs to know.

After quality, type of fabric also plays a vital role in the making of a garment and there are different types of fabrics used for casual wear. Why would one choose woolen clothes in summer or cotton clothes in winter? Thus, to ensure that proper functions are served for the right purposes, the type of fabric comes into play here.

Broadly, types of fabrics are categorized into the following:

Woven Fabrics

Woven fabrics comprise of warp and weft that are intertwined vertically to create different weaves. The most basic weave is plain weave, in which each filling yarn is woven alternatively over and under each twist of yarn. Plain texture is a very steady and often easy-to-use fabric that hardly has high shutter. Various high drapes are a sample of a better plain weave, and they are also frequently more challenging to work with. Then come the twill weaves and the satin weaves which come under the higher range of the woven fabrics.

Knit fabrics

Dissimilar to woven fabrics, knit fabrics are not processed he same way. As an alternative, the yarn of knit fabrics is inter weaved into layers, using knit sews to confer each layer to the one below it. Because of this, knit fabrics have suggestively more resistance than woven cloths. Maximum knit fabrics are in a sense that their layers are flat, but warp knit fabrics, in which the coats are upright, also exist.

Knit fabrics are also fashioned with different weaves, the most mutual of which is single knit fabric on which the inner and outer side look different. These consist of sport shirts and sweatshirts with jersey. Single knit fabrics have an inclination towards curling up, which may make sewing more problematic and cause occasional complications with turn ups and hems.

In detail however, different types of fabrics used for casual wear include:

Cotton Lawn:

Cotton lawn fabric is a comfort providing, soft, lightweight and is designed in good prints. It is the most viable fabric for casual dresses, though you may have to maintain the garment properly. 

Seersucker fabric

Seersucker is a cotton fabric with a deliberate wrinkled surface. It is a favourite for making little girls dresses especially frocks. The fabric can be designed into attractive tops and clothes for adults as well.


Cotton poplin along with stretchable poplin are used for making dresses. Cotton poplin (a shirting fabric) is a very comforting fabric with a good shade and a slight crusty feel. The highly beneficial part is that it does not wrinkle much.

Polyester fabrics

Georgette as well as crepe comprising of polyester fibres are wrinkle polyester cloths that make good clothes and tops. Poly-charmeuse is an easy-going drapey fabric that is a good textile which looks gorgeous and is easy to wear.

Jersey fabric

100% Cotton jersey textile is extremely lightweight with a slight stretch and a pleasant enough drape.  It is a decent breathable fabric for creation of casual dresses. Ponte Roma is to some extent, a heavier version of jersey fabric. It is boundless for production of more designed dresses, than the typically thin knit fabrics. Cotton/poly jersey interweaved is an additional apt option for casual clothes and top.

 Soft linen

Linen is a very efficient and elegant fabric. A lightweight linen fabric can be the most suitable fabric for making comfortable and cool dresses. It is one of the finest fabrics for wearing in summer. Linen becomes a slightly softer with wear and tear and regular washes.

Soft viscose twill fabrics

This is a softer and a far smoother form of the twill fabric. It is a well-designed cloth that is very appropriate for creation of good-looking dresses with a stylish drape.

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