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Different Types of PPE to Guarantee your Safety

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment are in huge demand, especially after the rise in various diseases in the world. Everyone is quite aware of keeping themselves safe from any health-related issue. Moreover, there should be proper guidance on how to use various protective equipment. Thus, today we will discuss different types of PPE to guarantee your safety. Make sure to follow the guide and get proper safety measures for yourself.

Head Protection

Moving from the top first, we will talk about the Head PPE. This will keep you safe from any accident that includes the falling of objects from above. Further, this also provides safety while working in various risky areas. Moreover, you will have safety against knocking against any stationary machinery. You can wear additional protective gear like nets and caps along with the head PPE. Some of the common examples of the same are guards, helmets, hats, and bump caps.

Eyes Protection

As we move further, protecting your eyes and face is equally important as your head. There is no doubt in the fact that debris can enter your eyes and nose. This will cause irritation and might damage the sensitive organs. Moreover, you should not avoid any protection gear that covers your face, especially the eyes. You can wear goggles, lenses, face shields, visors, and other similar PPE. Also, employees working under hazardous conditions should wear eye protection gear and prevent any unwanted damage.

Respiration Protection

The workers who need to stay in construction or outdoor conditions should take care of their respiratory PPE. Breathing accidents are the most common category when we talk about external risks. Further, the best way to prevent this problem is by wearing safety masks, either half or full. Also, you can use a specially designed respirator for better protection. Make sure to provide complete guidance to the workers on how to use this equipment.

Hands Protection

Every job requires direct or indirect use of hands to work and transport items from one location to another. However, using your hands to grab just anything is not the correct way. This can be dangerous for your fingers and arms to lift heavy objects with extreme temperatures. Hence, you should wear gloves depending on the environment in which you work. Moreover, it will save you from any kind ofo contamination or biological hazards while working.

Feet Protection

At last but not least, you should tend to wear PPE to protect your feet and legs. There are many instances where you have to work on slippery or hot surfaces. Therefore, you require a complete set of foot PPE to have yourself protected. Make sure to get a pair of hard shoes with an industrial sole for the best experience. Also, you might need to wear shock-proof boots for working in conductive areas.


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