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Does Hi-Vis Clothing Help while Cycling?

Hi-vis or high visibility clothing, is any clothing worn that improves visibility in darker or low light areas. But, Does Hi-Vis Clothing Help while Cycling?

Why is it Worn?

Now, why is it important for cyclists to wear hi-vis clothing? Does it really work? Does hi-vis clothing help while cycling? Let’s discuss

Why is it Important for Cyclists to Wear hi-vis Clothing?

Hi-vis clothing makes the wearer more visible to the people around them.
Having said that, multiple studies have also shown that several cyclists have met the ill fate of accidents even in broad daylight. Thus, a cyclist must take precautions whenever they are on the road, regardless of the time, to avoid accidents. For instance: wearing hi-vis clothing, as it is supposed to attract the attention of the driver so they take note of the cyclist.

Does it really Work?

If I am being very honest, there is no particular answer to this question. Hi-vis clothing, as discussed earlier, is important for cyclists to avoid accidents. It is true to a certain extent but it is not that simple. It is not sufficient. Let me explain why. Studies have shown that accidents have occurred even after cyclists wore hi-vis clothing. In fact, research from the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and Nottingham University has found “increased odds of a collision crash” among cyclists who wear reflective clothing. There are a few instances where high visibility clothing has actually worsened the visibility of drivers.

Does hi-vis Clothing help while Cycling?

Yes, to a certain extent it does. Wearing hi-vis clothing will help drivers to notice a cyclist from a distant, thus preventing a collision. It although doesn't give 100% assurance but by making cyclists visible to the drivers, it does help to prevent accidents to a certain extent. I can conclude by saying that wearing hi-vis clothing is highly recommended, for precaution is better than cure.


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