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Fabric to Choose for the Monsoon

Do you want to look good and feel great during the monsoon? Then you need to buy fabric that will keep you dry, cool, and still looking fashionable. Also, you need to know which fabric to choose for the monsoon.

Monsoon is here, and if you are a regular office goer, then you will need to make sure that your clothes can take the heavy downpour. It becomes difficult to think about the fabric to choose for the monsoon.

Fabric is a very important factor to consider when dressing up for the monsoon. The fabric should be light and airy so that it doesn't trap heat which leads to sweat, making you uncomfortable in the humid weather. There are many types of fabrics you can choose from like cotton, polyester, chiffon, or viscose but the best choice would be linen as it is breathable and does not retain moisture.

This blog post will help you decide what fabric to choose for the monsoon and also for your office wear wardrobe. There are a number of factors that go into selecting the best fabric, including your workplace needs and personal preferences about fit and feel. Keep reading to find out how to select the right fabric for you!

Office Wear

For a corporate office, you will probably want to look like everyone else in your company. In such a case, polyester is the best choice for you. This fabric comes in many different weights and has multiple uses ranging from making clothes and plastic bags as well as used for disposable tableware and diapers.

Polyester is often wrinkle resistant which makes it ideal for travel when you need to throw something on quickly or if you find yourself stuck with wet clothes after an unexpected rain shower while traveling.

There are also linen shirts that you can include in your office wardrobe. They look formal, yet stylish.

Linen absorbs moisture faster than cotton; which makes them quick-drying, thus making them ideal for monsoon. They breathe more easily than other fabrics so that perspiration evaporates easily away from the body

They come in a number of different sizes, types, and colors which makes them great for any wardrobe!

5 Best Fabrics for Monsoon Wardrobe

  1. Silk is one of the most used fabric as it is comfortable, easy to wash, dry quickly and can be ironed easily. It looks costly but at same time it is affordable. 
  2. Linen is mostly preferred by women as it keeps them cool during hot season due to its airy quality. It absorbs moisture quickly without feeling heavy instead, so the person feels comfortable wearing the cloth.
  3. Leather is another fabric that you must try if you want to look stylish during the monsoon. It gets along well with water as rain does not damage leather directly and helps you stay dry for a longer period of time.
  4. Viscose comes in different varieties like cotton, polyester, rayon etc which makes them ideal for summers and monsoon season. They are soft in texture, lightweight, and most important airy.
  5. Polyester type of fabric is only used year-round as they repel moisture from your body even when they get wet but at the same time let your skinbreathe freely without trapping humidity or causing any kind of irritation due to sweating.

It is very important to pick the right fabric for you as this will determine if it lasts or not, and will reflect your personal style. If you like to travel during rainy season then lightweight fabrics like linen, polyester viscose as they will be more comfortable than jeans and leather coat. You can also use a combination of different fabrics to create unique styles-something that allows you to express yourself while remaining fashionable in monsoon season!

Tips to stay stylish during Monsoon

1.When it rains, you can wear rain boots and trench coats to stay dry while being stylish in the monsoon. It is also important to use umbrellas as they protect you from water splashes that occurs due to the wind speed during heavy winds.

2.Always apply sunscreen before stepping outside as this will protect your skin from sunburn which usually results due to an improper selection of fabrics.

3.It is very important that you keep yourself hydrated so always carry a bottle of water with you when outdoors or if leaving the house- especially children!

4.Choose waterproof makeup for a rainy season like mascaras, eyeliners, etc as other makeups may not last throughout the day and only apply light makeup during summer months so that you can sweat it off and look fresh again with just a bit of water.

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