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High Visibility Work Clothing

Clothing is one of the most important aspects not only in our everyday life but also in the workplace. It not only influences our appearances, but it also protects our bodies. Our clothing varies according to season, environment, place and purpose. High Visibility Clothing, also known as Hi-Vis clothing is a type of protective work clothing that is made with fluorescent material or colors and with reflective tapes for improved visibility. This type of clothing helps the wearer stand distinct from their surroundings. Many people don't realize that high visibility work clothing is an important tool to protect you from workplace injury and provide workplace safety.

How does high visibility clothing work? :-

The sun's ultraviolet rays react with fluorescent colors of the clothing material to give it a shimmering appearance. The glow effect is stronger during times of poor light like dawn or dusk. It can also function using ultraviolet light from other sources like car headlights.

Hi-Vis clothing has a wide range of colors but for usage in safety clothing, the most effective fluorescent colors are yellow and orange. The choice of color is an important factor while buying high visibility cloth because color has a great impact on its effectiveness. For example, lifeboat crews wear orange vests because it becomes the most prominent color against the dark blue background of the sea.

The material of High Visibility clothes:-

Hi-Vis clothing is made from retro-reflective materials which provide the feature of strong light reflection. The two main components used in the making of high visibility clothes are- micro-prismatic tapes and glass bead reflective tapes.

The micro-prismatic tape is prepared from a particular type of plastic vinyl which consists of a large number of tiny prisms. The light is bounced around internally inside these prisms before reflecting it back to the source. The light reflecting from this material is focused in one direction so it can travel far while maintaining a high intensity.

Glass bead reflective tape is more commonly used. The material is used on the silver-grey strips on commercial high visibility clothing. This material is more affordable but it reflects light from a wider angled source. So, the light is not able to travel as far as the light reflected on micro-prismatic tape.

History of High Visibility Clothing:-

50 years ago, the first high visibility clothing was produced for the railway workers in the UK. After that initial experiment, the use of Hi-Vis clothing expanded to workers on building sites, needful possession of high visibility cloth in cars in case of breakdowns, the extensive reception of Hi-Vis clothing by cyclists and road workers. A recent report in the Guardian newspaper suggests that Hi-Vis clothing is preferred by politicians in photoshoots as it gives them an 'industrious and life-saving' look.

Hi-Vis clothing for cyclists:-

The most accident-prone times of the day are dawn, dusk and rush hour. During these times, when there are more passengers on the road and their eyes take time to adjust with the transforming conditions of lights, it is safe for cyclists to wear Hi-Vis clothing and use reflective material to make them more visible.


High visibility clothing must be worn in construction sites. In these types of places, heavy objects are often moved around often within obscured lines of sight and limited space. Putting on Hi-Vis clothing in this ambiance helps drivers, operators of cranes and other heavy machinery to spot and observe the movement of colleagues easily. It also allows supervisors to observe who is working and who is not working on the site.

The high visibility clothing work is very important to protect precious lives and prevent dangerous accidents.  Thus, the right amount of investment in high visibility clothing should be done for proper safety.

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