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How To Choose The Right Fabric For A Work Uniform?

A uniform is the clothing worn by members of the same organization or group while participating and working together. Uniforms indicate togetherness, unity, and pride. They also show discipline and that they belong to the same team. Hence, it is important the we choose the right fabric for the work uniform to ensure comfort, ease and a sense of professionalism and unity.

Importance of work uniform

Professionalism - First impression is the last impression. Your professional attire says everything about and thus must be looked after.

Trustworthy - Employees wearing branded workwear are more trusted by the customers as they are easily approachable. They seem to take pride in their work and thus look worthy of providing expected products and services.

Deduction of tax - A branded uniform can also be a claimable tax deduction* if the uniform is a set of clothing that recognizes your staff as employees of your business.

Time-saving - When you belong to a group/association/organization it is best suggested to have a dress code, or even better, a uniform so that the daily workers know what they are supposed to wear the next day too and thus keep their uniform ready beforehand, without wasting time.

Walking advertisement - Obviously no? If an employee is walking from their workplace to another destination or vice versa, people around will notice the uniform and the logo on it. So it is literally a walking ad!

What do you think is an ideal fabric for a uniform?

It is important to spend a good amount of time to decide and choose the right fabric and color for a work uniform. It should not only look good, but it should also be of good quality and be comfortable.

• Wash-ability – The fabric should be able to lock the color. Meaning, after washing, the color should stay as vibrant and original and must not fade away with every wash.

Durability – Since uniforms are to be worn for the whole day, many times of the week, they must have strong durability. Weathering or depreciation of uniform fabrics, dulling and fading of colour and outstretching of fabrics after multiple washes are some of the most common problems that arise in uniform fabrics. Therefore, it is important to use good long-lasting fabrics. Polyesters are highly durable followed by cotton and other synthetic material.

Sweat Free – Spending long hours in a uniform, especially during summer, can be very irritating because of the sweat or even odor. Hence, you must ensure to chose fabrics that do not retain sweat. Lightweight and soft fabrics such as Chambray, bamboo and rayon seem the perfect choice to get smart, dressy looks with making an ideal choice to achieve a dressy look with sweat-free quality for your uniform.

Comfort - Comfort is the first priority that you must always keep in mind while selecting a fabric for your uniform. How are you supposed to stay focused on your work when you are not even comfortable with what you are wearing? Cotton, cotton-polyester, viscose usually opt for uniforms to fulfill the wish of comfort.


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