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How To Maintain Your Workwear Amidst COVID-19?

The ongoing pandemic caused by coronavirus has been originated from the Chinese city named Wuhan. Though the spread of the virus started in late December of 2019, the virus reached India during the early February 2020. Slowly but steadily, the virus spread increased the numbers from a single digit to three digits within 40 – 50 days. Not forgetting its reach from the three-digit numbers to five digits number within 15 days. The speed increasing day by day and affecting and scaring the entire population nationwide.

This is probably the first time in history when we are facing any such circumstance. Who could have thought of staying indoors 24/7 for an indefinite period? Every human in the entire world is thinking and lining this very crisis. No thought of parties, profits, sales, purchase, outing, tea-breaks, etc. overpowers our fight towards survival. The most important concern we have is to fill the stomach of our family and be able to survive through this pandemic.

How beautiful it is to have a single desire in our minds. Well, these times occur only once in a while. Though this pandemic has brought numerous negativity, the positivity cannot be ignored.

1. The air becoming cleaner.

2. The water bodies are healing. In fact, it is been claimed that it has become fit for drinking as well.

3. The holes in the ozone layer are healing itself, reducing day by day.

4. The animals are finally living a free life.

5. We are getting enough family time to reconnect and enjoy with them.

Having mentioned the increasing interactive activities among families we have something for all of you. People are working from home whereas some are not. Whichever the case is, our work wears are playing no important role in our lives but they have to be taken care off. Let us talk about some of the tips on how to maintain your workwear amidst COVID-19?

How To Maintain Your Workwear Amidst COVID-19?

1. Its time for you to collect all your work wears and give them a good wash. Make sure to wash the whites separately, unless you wish to give your whites a new colour. There are areas in the shirt which are very difficult to clean like the collar and the underarms. So, the easiest way to clean your work wears easily is to dip them in hot water.

2. Fill a bucket with hot water and add some detergent (the measurement depends upon the number of clothes you dip). Immerse the clothes into the soapy water and keep it aside overnight. Next day, take out the clothes and give them a good wash, preferably by hand. After taking out the clothes you may see a change in the colour of the soapy water. It has turned brownish-black because of all the dirt from your clothes.

3. Now take the washed clothes to your balcony or terrace. Squeeze out the extra water from the clothes and allow them to dry under the sun. Bring back the dried clothes after some time.

4. Now you have to iron or press your clothes using an iron or garment steamer, whichever available. Make sure to be very vigilant while ironing your clothes. Do not burn your hand. Take your time and iron a few clothes every day until completed. After the ironing is over, start storing them in your cupboards properly. Keep it in a place with least access by you. Pile up the clothes and use them only when required.

5. In this quarantine period, you have a lot of free time, use it fruitfully. Maintain all your official papers, laptop, clothes, shoes and socks. Keep them in an appropriate place so that you don’t have to look for them after the lockdown is over. Also, indulge yourself in creative activities and learn as much as you can! These are some of the tips on How To Maintain Your Workwear Amidst COVID-19?

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