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How to wear casual outfits

There is not set boundary for what casual outfits are; unlike formal and culture wear, the boundaries of casual wear is non-existent. You can wear them for a walk, a day out, a night out or for parties. Many things come into play when styling your outfit for the day, from fabric, textures, patterns and most importantly, colour. Here are some tips on how to wear casual outfits:

  1. Keep up with latest trends
    If you are a fashion novice who is completely unbeknownst to what looks good. Then it is a safe bet to just search up what the latest trends are for the year.
    Use Pinterest or follow fashion blogs on different websites to keep up with the trends. Currently, the western 90s fashion are trending; colourful tops and pants, in large.
    For men, cross-body bags are very trendy right now, wearing it on top of shirts and t-shirts and shorts.
    For women, slip dresses and pastel colours are the current talk of the town.
  2. Simple and Monochromatic
    Simplicity will always look good no matter height and weight. Flashy colours and design take more time to style and if not done properly, you can look really out of touch.
    Wear colours that match or are at least are complementary to each other. For eg, Blue and Yellow are complementary to each other in the colour wheel.
    It does not have to be completely those colours either. A black dress with yellow design would match well with yellow shoes.
    Wear pastel colours with bright clothes, just to mix up the style.
  3. Pair heavy designs with simple ones
    As mentioned already, flashy designs are tricky. And while print on print designs are trending.
    It is safer to wear a striped top with simple and neutral single colour pant or the other way around.
    Or you can wear a animal print dresses with simple shoes.
    Make sure the colours match or that the same colour is present in all the outfits you are wearing.
  4. Layer your clothes
    To bring more dynamic to your clothes, layer it with different types of jackets like puffer jackets, kimono jackets, cropped jackets etc. Especially in winter, it is a must to add layering into your styling.
    To reduce bulkiness, tuck in your shirt into your pants and layer it with a coat of complementary colour.
    Wear dungarees
    Wear scarves in different styles
    A new trend is wearing slip dresses over tops or turtle necks for women.
  5. Style same outfit in different ways
    If your wardrobe isn't filled with many outfits then it is useful to style the same outfits in different styles.
    A denim jacket itself can be styled in different way, from being knotted to just let it hand.
    Your pants can also give different vibes, either the ends are tucked or let loose.
    Style the same outfit with different accessories and overcoats.
    Do not let the fact that you had already worn the outfit prevent you from styling it in a different way the next day. Even a different shoe can evoke different vibe.
  6. Shoes and Accessories
    As mentioned, shoes and accessories bring different vibes to your outfit. You can swap them out for other accessories depending on the event.
    If it is business casual, formal shoes like loafers and oxford shoes are preferable for men and for women, ballerinas, mules and loafers are good options.
    If it is simple casual, then wearing sneakers, sandals and boots are good alternatives.
  7. Find out what matches your size
    The same outfit may not look as good on you as it does on your body. This is because we have different anatomy, and not just tall or short and big and tall, we differ in many ways. Having wider shoulders or hips can make you either good or bad depending on the outfit.
    If you think you look fat, then it is better to wear tight clothes than to wear big clothes, which will make you look fatter.
    In addition, if you are a thin person, then the vice versa will suit you. These are only a few examples; you can do your research to be more fashionable than your peers.
    Tall people can invest in long pants and big boots without looking bulky.
    These were some of the basic tips to help you explore the casual outfit world. Do not be afraid to experiment and have fun with it also.
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