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How Trousers Should Fit: 5 Tricks to Know if it Fits Properly

When it comes to buying pants, we go with the one that looks and feels good. We don’t give it much thought. However, when we buy a shirt or tee, we spend more time checking its material, colour, fit, and how it looks on us. A pant can change your entire look. It is the anchor on which your rest of the outfit depends. So How Trousers Should Fit?

A lot of things depend on your pants. The length of it determines whether you appear taller or shorter. High rise straight pants make you look taller, while a low rise pant with tucks or cuffs make you look shorter. So, how to tell if your pant fits properly? Below we have listed some tips to tell if your trouser fits properly.

  • If you are wearing chinos, they should fit slimmer than your formal trousers. On the waist, they are a few inches lower than formal trousers. There will be a slight fold which is popularly known as pants break near your calves. Chinos usually stretch after a few washes, so keep that in mind before buying the right size.
  • If you are wearing dress trousers, they should fit a few inches below your navel. A properly fitted trouser will not require a belt to hold it. Avoid pants with drapes or pleats, they appear unnecessarily loose.
  • Your trouser should not be too tight around the seat. Try putting your hands in your pocket and move around, if it feels comfortable, then this is the fit for you. If the fit is too tight around your hips, it will be uncomfortable and restrict your moves.
  • While sitting, you should not have to pull the trouser. If it looks like it is pulled against your crotch, it means the fit is too tight. The comfort depends on the fit. However, it does not mean the trousers should be saggy. Saggy or skin-tight trousers are the symbol of poor fit.
  • Your trouser should slightly break at the hem. It means the slight fold a little above where it is ending. The ideal length of your trouser is just near your ankles, they should not show too much of your socks when you walk around.

Most of us buy our suits and trousers from retailers. You can get well-fitted trousers from the retail stores, but a tailor-made suit feels different on the body. You can always take your ill-fitted pants to the tailor and get them altered. However, alterations often don't give the same comfort as tailor-made clothes.

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