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Importance of dress code

The word ‘professionalism’ brings to mind several images. One of them surely is that of a row of people busy at work in a neatly organized workplace, wearing the same kind of clothing. Old photos of workplaces depict men wearing hats and sharply fitted suits with pocket squares, while women wore tall, blocked heels in impeccably fitted skirts and dresses.

Alternatively, we have also seen modern tech workspace photos where everyone is dressed to express their individual choices and there is no uniformity in the dress code. The idea choice probably lies somewhere in the middle. The importance of a dress code for professionalism is as multifaceted as it is for options for proper clothing.

Workplace Cohesion

An employer’s standard for dress code creates a standard for visual cohesion. This allows workers to feel part of a group and lends itself to a feeling of all working toward one purpose.

Employees certainly have a right to express themselves through their clothing – but at the same time, so do workplaces. Workplaces reserve the right to express how they want their business to be showcased and present itself. How we dress sends a subconscious message. It is up to employees to ensure that the message conveyed by their appearance is that they're representing the company.

Mirror of the Company's Goals and Visions

Employees are the biggest representatives of their workplace. Goals and visions are reflected in who it chooses to hire. Standards for professional attire vary from industry to industry, so it is up to the company to decide its own rules.
One will never really know who they will meet, that will make an impact on business dealings. People’s impressions are naturally based and often biased, on visuals, so the choice of clothes makes for a positive or negative memory, which in turn creates that connotation with your company.

Considering that standards vary so much, it can be confusing to figure out how to dress for a new workplace. Asking the company’s human resources department or consulting an employee handbook is a start. The importance of dress code for professionalism can never be overstated. The personal expression should be balanced with the mindfulness of the company’s image. To be a true professional is to respect one’s workplace’s rules for attire as much as they respect one’s skills in their field.

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