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Reusable Vs Disposable PPE

It is common knowledge that people habitually make resolutions on the eve of every New Year to hit the gym, graduate or learn new things. Sometimes all of these and much more make it to the list of New Year resolution of most people. While fulfilling these resolutions may or may not be completely possible and in most cases, the resolutions exceed the capacity of the individual, most of them remain unfulfilled. People who resolved to hit the gym, which by the way is the most common New Year's resolution of all time, were the most affected in the year 2020. Because within the first three months of the year, the world was hit by the deadly coronavirus which left most of the planet in a state of eternal lockdown. And there goes any chance of fulfilling the gym resolution. Reusable Vs Disposable PPE which is better according to you?

But, as the saying goes, "Every coin has two sides", and it holds true even for the pandemic. Whilst most people were undoubtedly affected, locked in their homes, knowingly or unknowingly, we did learn a lot of new things. For starters, the pandemic was a new word for most of us. Quarantine was something that was unheard of, even by the most experienced elders. In today's blog, let us discuss one such word that came into common use in the past few months. PPE kits.

Personal Protective Equipment

Since it is a scientific term, it is better for us to learn the technically correct definition. The Personal Protective Equipment is protective clothing that consists of goggles, gloves and helmets to protect the wearer from radiation or infection. The PPE kits are mostly used by professionals working in highly contaminated areas like nuclear power plants or virus affected areas. So, the PPE kits are worn only by scientists and doctors. Even the workwear that is worn by firefighters also come under the category of Personal Protective Equipment.

Now that we have a basic understanding of what a PPE kit is and its uses, let us discuss the difference between disposable and reusable PPE kits.

Reusable Vs Disposable PPE

It is a huge dilemma for organizations when they are forced to choose between reusable vs disposable PPE for their staffs and professionals. Especially when both the Personal Protective Equipment kits have both advantages and disadvantages to them. Hence, it is only proper that employers take care to provide their employees with the best Personal Protective Equipment kit based on the working conditions in their field.

The primary difference between disposable and reusable PPE kit is that while disposable kits are made by non woven material, the reusable kits are made by woven fabrics and meant to be worn multiple times. Since the Personal Protective Equipment, either disposable or reusable, is meant to be used by healthcare professionals primarily, the material is strengthened with some kind of membrane or film that provides a strong barrier to bodily fluids like blood and other such substances from coming in contact with their body, causing possible infections.

In addition to the above-mentioned factors, the cost factor must also be taken into account while assessing the pros and cons of the Personal Protective Equipment kit. It is no secret that the reusable PPE kit is much more costly than the disposable one. But keeping only this in mind, one cannot choose a PPE kit. Several other cost-related factors affect the cost of disposable PPE kits like sterilization, inspection, laundering and disposal facilities make the disposable Personal Protective Equipment kit equally expensive.

In addition to the above-mentioned dilemmas, there is the additional problem of from where to source these quality PPE kits.


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