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Styling Your Casuals With Formal Accessories

2021 is the era of formal style. A style that looks fit for the office, yet in a casual way. Styling your casuals with your formal accessories is simple and makes you look elegant. The formal-looking trend has been around since the 2000s, but recently it gained popularity and now is starting to get quite common in the public. 

This style of athleisure is a combination of formal and casual dress. A simple example can be pairing jeans with formal shirts or a blazer with a t-shirt.

Music and film industry practicing the trend

The trend started when the music industry saw leads in more clam-looking yet bold looks. Singers, musicians, actors, and even street performers took this trend up quickly. One major reason for the trend to accelerate is that you won’t have to purchase a set of new clothes from the market. All you have to do is interchange and add your formal and casual clothing. 

The first modification of this style was seen in men, as they added a touch of formal suits to their casuals and gave it a punk vibe. Later women took over this trend with thousands of combinations to look. Now, you could style these different categories into one. Formal shirts and casual skirts, tops and blazers, sarees and shirts, it could be anything now. This modeling method attainted a quick response in media and emerged as a top styling trick.

Influencers promoting casual with formal accessories

Casual with a tint of formal radiates a very friendly and soothing effect & our generation is very obsessed with this style. What embedded the screen fashion into street fashion are the influencers. 

Influencers are celebrities or people who promote their fashion sense and lifestyle over social platforms. The most popular platforms for influencers are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and blogging websites. With the rise of Western and Korean fashion, suddenly all these platforms filled with casual plus formal intersection fashion. 

Influencers paved the way for this style trend to pop up, as they act as a link between common people and the on-screen industry. And now, it’s common to see someone dress this way.

How to style your casuals with formals

Styling your casual with formals is indeed very simple. You can match dresses from your drawer in a way that looks enchanting. Or you can check the trends with dresses on sites like Google, Youtube, Pinterest and purchase what you like.

Here are some ways you can accessorize your casuals with formals:

  • Add blazers or suit-coat to your T-shirt and jeans. This creates a youthful and classy outfit. This style is also a trend these days.
  • Add scarf or bandana to any casual wear. It’s a modern accessory and makes a very appealing visual effect.
  • Try translucent gloves. This trend might seem from the Victorian era, but it made a comeback with the arrival of the pandemic. 
  • Shirts and sarees have gained popularity in India, and it’s spreading at scale. This trend is more common among the youth, as this also highlights the charms successfully.
  • Undercoats with formal or casual wear have also gained a fan base.

Benefits of this style trend

There are lots of benefits of this style and mentioning all would be a great task. Here are some for your reference:

  • Looks classy: Casual with a formal addition looks very proper & classy. It portrays a subtle image and leaves a healthy impact on people.
  • Cost friendly: It’s not an expensive deal to look good with this type of fashion. It’s pretty affordable to everyone. And the only impact is set is of good.
  • Uncountable style choices: This style is definitely for those who are more style-savvy, in a very professional way.
  • Appropriate: It respects all the social norms and looks very delicate. You can visit any place with this dressing sense & you won’t look like an outcast.
  • Trendy: This style choice has always been in trend and will remain the same in the future.
  • Weapon for the people to rebel against the oppressed dressing guidelines. It’s sad to state that but sometimes small rebellions make a lot of difference.
  • Comfortable: This style trend is comfortable to wear even in long shifts, it would mark its uniqueness.

Where can you wear it?

You can dress up in this style anywhere. Casual in addition to formal accessories create a very modern and appareling look. It’s pleasant to the eye and hurts no cultural or workplace reforms. This style is also much observed in workplaces with no strict guidelines. People showcase their non-distracting style in the same way & so many offices adhere to this type of dressing sense.

This kind of dressing procedure is also observed across the world, it’s famous, and it won’t offend anyone from any culture. You can wear it in public places like shopping malls, conferences, parties, and functions, and it will be functional for all.  

Moving into the new trend

Bewildered between casual or formal? Well, it’s not hard to try them both. It looks professional, classic, simple, and appropriate all at the same time. It’s always safe to give a try to trends that are evergreen and widely accepted. Experiment with styles on yourself and from the internet and try to make it a part of your dressing style. Further, if you own a business, you can implement an employee-friendly dress code within your league. 

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