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The Difference Between Linen and Cotton

Before knowing the difference between linen and cotton, let us know what are the common qualities that make everyone chose them. An ideal fabric typically has three main traits – good quality, good appearance and good comfort. Linen and cotton possess all these desirable traits apart from being long-lasting, fresh, soft, resilient and naturally derived.

But if you ever have a choice between the two, you must know the following criteria –

  • Source – Let us begin from the origin of the fabric. Cotton is obtained from the cotton plant, obviously and linen is obtained from the flax plant. Cotton plants don’t need as much water to grow and can be cultivated on a large scale easily, unlike flax.
  • Texture – Fine fabrics are adored! Cotton is fine, but not as much as linen. Linen is near to perfection in terms of looks too.
  • Wrinkled – Cotton does not need much ironing when compared to linen. Linen gets wrinkled easily.
  • Breathability – What does breathability mean? It is the ability or potential of the fabric to enable perspiration and evaporation from the body through the cloth. So now you can say that cotton has the best breathability. It is preferred by us all in summers. While linen does not allow for the moisture to escape through its cloth, which is why it keeps the body warm.
  • Colours – Colours add so much value to the appearance of the clothes. A variety of colours gives a variety of options to choose from. We know that cotton fabric is available in all the colours you can think of. Although linen has limited colour options which add to the downside of linen.
  • Durability – Cotton gets worn off or fades away after time. The linen is stronger and more durable when compared to cotton.
  • Cost – The price is one of the main factors, no? Linen is costlier than cotton because linen requires more hard work while production. Thus, owning linen clothes is often considered luxurious.
  • Sheets – Cotton and linen are also made into cosy, attractive bed sheets. Cotton is good for winter but not for summer as it may retain the heat. Whereas linen sheets allow you to breathe the whole night through.
  • Hypoallergenic - Linen is better at hypoallergenic care
  • Looks – For some people linen might be more appealing but cotton sheets definitely make the room look better.

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