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Types of Knit Fabrics

Knitwear is clothing made from knit fabric. The types of Knit fabrics are made by taking yarn which is manipulated using needles into connected loops uniformly or in a specific pattern. It can broadly be classified into two categories, namely, weft knits and warp knits. The former is made using a single continuous yarn moving according to the desired pattern (back and forth, in circles and so on) whereas the latter uses several needles and yarns.

Knit fabrics are primarily soft, very autumnal and warm. But they are not necessarily restricted to seasonal wear. Knitwear is considered quite common due to the range of natural patterns it can produce during manufacture. The different types of knit fabrics are-

  • Cotton Jersey Knit

The most common kind of knitwear: soft, fluid and suits several garments. The jersey knit is the most economical therefore making the manufacturing process efficient in production and cost. T-shirts are a common instance of this knit.

  • Rib Knit

Also known as the double jersey, the stitching has a vertical cord-like structure hence doubling the thickness of the normal jersey. Therefore, the garments are categorized as autumnal and/or wintry. Used in necklines, hemming, sweater, and cardigans, it is highly durable.

  • Cotton Spandex Knit

The spandex fabric is essentially figure-flattering like tank tops and layering t-shirts. It provides a remarkable stretch but is also retainable. Spandex knits are often a blend with other materials. Cotton is a suitable option: skin-friendly and breathable, proving it a successful collaboration. Sports and women’s apparel employ this type of knitting.

  • French Terry Knit

Terry, a well-known household fabric(bath mats, towels), is exceptionally soft and drapes well. It does have the downside of shrinkage when washed, a minor and controllable inconvenience. It is used to produce t-shirts, shorts, and pants.

  • Cotton Thermal Knit

This is used specifically for innerwear. Wintry clothes also utilize this fabric, for both kids and adults alike. It retains body heat very well. Waffle weave produces interesting patterns on blankets and robes. It is highly absorbent.

  • Sweatshirt Fleece

This is a blend of polyester and cotton. Fleece is a well-known warming fabric and its collaboration with the sweatshirt material serves the purpose while being fashionable. UNITO, which is one of the best garment manufacturers in India produces the best knitwear. Overall, we are a respected industry leader and can be trusted to deliver.