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What are Bib Overalls?

Bib overalls are a true classic example of utilitarian work-wear design. Usually called ‘Dungarees’, they are worn by carpenters, painters, mechanics, factory workers and pretty much anyone else who requires hard-wearing, no-nonsense clothing. They have been a mainstay of the working wardrobe for people from all walks of life for well over 100 years, and are still as useful today. The word ‘dungaree’ originated in the 17th century in the Indian village of Dongri, located on the coast near Mumbai. Dongri was renowned for the production of a hard-wearing indigo-dyed calico cotton cloth, called ‘dungri’. Very soon, it made its way to England, where the name was anglicised to ‘dungaree’.

Popularity of Bib Overalls

Dungaree are an ideal option and fabric for work clothing, owing to its hardy nature, low cost and unfussy appearance. Dungarees are worn by both men and women. It is available in all sizes, styles and colours. The most popular bib overalls are blue overalls. They are the biggest money spinners in the market.

History of Bib Overalls

The idea of fashion was not ubiquitous in the previous centuries. The main idea was comfort. Clothes were designed to keep comfort in mind. Bib Overalls were worn by factory workers and industry goers. Comfort and Efficiency were the goals. One should feel comfortable in what they wear so that they can retain or increase their work efficiency. Clothes should not act as an irritant in the work atmosphere.

Famous among the Young Generations

Till today, Dungarees are quite popular among the college and school going kids. They are spotted wearing it in classes, restaurants, parks, outings, picnics, visits, running errands etc. They look smart and appealing. Dungarees have an athletic and sporty feel to it. You can do any kind of activity in bibs like playing sports, performing athletics movements, eating without any sort of tension that the food might destroy the attire, jumping, exercising, running, dancing etc. Dungarees don't make you feel discomfort. You can do these things with ease.

Bib Overalls are trendy

Trends are the recent and most followed or liked hype that engages a people for a particular period of time. Dungarees have been in fashion since a very long time. They are trendy, new-age, classy, adaptive piece of clothing that has been reinventing itself over long overhaul. Dungarees can be worn over midis, short tops, t-shirts, shirts and crop-tops etc. They can be combined with boots, shoes, flat sandals, heels etc. All of them together complete a look. In cases of men as well, it can be worn over printed or ugly print t-shirts. They can also be paired with shoes, slippers or sandals. We can rest assured that bib overalls or dungarees will never go out of fashion or be outmoded.


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