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Which Fabric is the Warmest in Winter?

Winter was made for warm clothes, hot tea and a cool mind. The cold winter months do not have to be boring all the time. Jazzing it up with warm comfortable and fashionable coats is not hard when you find the perfect fabric which suits you well. There are a few winter perfect fabrics like wool, silk, flannel, nylon, fleece and tweed. Winter coats need to last well for years, so along with the warming properties, they have to be durable as well. Which Fabric is the Warmest in Winter? Let us find out.

Warmest Fabrics

On top of this list is wool. Whenever we think of extreme cold, wool is the first thing that will come across our minds. This type of textile fibre is mostly obtained from sheep and in minimal quantities from other animals like bison and goats. Having air pockets that are present naturally, it is able to provide insulation and is also water-resistant for keeping dry.

  • Silk, a pioneer and luxurious fabric known to man, is one of the tightly woven fabrics. This makes it provide good insulation when worn close to the skin. Although it is not widely used for cosy fabrics, it works best an under layer.

  • Fleece is a thick but lightweight fabric made from synthetic fabrics or cotton. The synthetic fleece considerably has more thermal insulating properties. It is made in both thick and thin materials to suit both outerwear and undergarments.

  • Next is flannel, which is a fabric, made out of cotton or a blend of other materials like wool, loose wool and other synthetic fabrics. These are blended according to the requirements and give comfortable wear to bear the cold.

  • Natural or faux fur is one of the materials that are being used to beat the cold since ancient times. It is one of the best providers of insulation for extreme cold weathers. Although it is a bit expensive, it is still extensively used for its warming properties, durability and also for its stylish appearance. Faux fur is an alternative to pure animal fur and is a bit cheaper than natural fur.

There are also some other materials like nylon, tweed, and down which are similar to the fabrics listed above. Nylon is a synthetic waterproof material. Tweed on the other hand is made out of wool and Down out of fur.

Winter clothing needs to be taken care of properly, in order to last for several seasons. Most of the time, dry cleaning is suitable or only method to clean. Instead of wearing too much clothing to keep warm, chose the right few fabrics to feel light and flaunt your winter looks. I hope your doubts about Which Fabric is the Warmest in Winter? are clear now. Happy Winters in advance.


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