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Why Do Nurses Wear Scrubs?

The Real Facts About Scrubs

While thinking of a hospital, we imagine a group of people visiting you wearing white outfits. These white dresses look elegant and pure. But it is quite difficult to maintain the sterility of those apparel while dealing with blood and other fluids all the time. Hence, medical scrubs are invented to fix those issues. Here are the reasons why do nurses wear scrubs.

Scrub Materials are Stain-Resistant

Stains of blood, dirt, or other fluids on white dresses become eye-catchy. These clothes look filthy after using it a couple of times. Hence, the medical staff needs to upgrade their clothes frequently.
Scrubs are made of stain-resistant materials thinking of the need for the healthcare industries. Blemishes of dirt and blood easily remove from scrubs in just one wash. Hence, it always looks clean and hygienic.

Prevent Spread of Infections

Healthcare professionals have to deal with numerous inflectional diseases. Normal clothes bear such infections and spread it to other staff and patients. Considering that manufacturers use non-infectious materials to produce scrubs. These apparel are less contagious as compared to other clothing materials. Hence, it ensures the safety of the patients and other staff of the hospital.

Comfortable to Wear

Comfy wear is necessary to accomplish daily work. These clothes are made of soft and light fabrics so that the wearer can wear them for a long time. Scrubs materials are breathable and easy to carry.

Multi-Purpose Use

Scrubs not only serve one purpose. This apparel contains several big pockets. People who work in healthcare sectors always need to carry a few tools with them considering emergencies such as penlight, scissors, gloves, phones, etc. Medical staff can easily carry these tools in different pockets. They don’t need to hold bags for it.

Keep the Personal Dresses Clean

Scrubs were invented first thinking of the doctors’ perspective. They wore this apparel only at the time of performing any operation. Nowadays, all the staff of a hospital is dressed in scrubs irrespective of the doctor, nurse, or other medical staffs. Uniforms help them to keep their clothes protected from several infections and grimes.

Easy to Identify

Today hospitals allot different shaded scrubs for doctors, nurses, and other medical staff. It helps the patients and other hospital staff to differentiate the doctors and nurses. It saves time eliminating trivial chaos due to confusion. It increases trust and reliance on the organization.


Since medical staffs need to maintain hygiene properly, they wash their clothes after every use. Scrub materials are durable. It can bear several washes without losing its shine and softness. Hence, these clothes are cost-effective.

Easy to Identify the Contaminations

Medical professionals have to deal with various chemicals and other bodily wastes such as blood, vomit, saliva, urine, etc. Since it is very significant to maintain cleanliness, it is necessary to identify if there are any impurities in the clothing. Scrubs are made of different vibrant colours so that these types of contaminations can be pointed out. These were some of the answers to the question Why Do Nurses Wear Scrubs?

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