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Why is Cotton Considered as a Good Material for Clothes?

Cotton, a soft fluffy staple fiber is known from the prehistoric times for its ability to be made into breathable textile. Cotton is a natural product and the material has many advantages when compared to the other materials which is why a lot of people opt for cotton for wearing comfortable clothing. Cotton has been grown for over 6,000 years due to its versatility and numerous benefits. It has the ability to control moisture, insulate, provide comfort and is also hypoallergenic, weatherproof and is a durable fabric. Let us talk about Why is Cotton Considered as a good material for clothes?

Why Cotton is the Best Material

  • Cotton is a material that has high tensile strength. Hence, it is strong, durable and less likely to tear. Cotton becomes stronger when wet. It is 30% stronger when wet and can withstand many washings in hot water.
  • Cotton is manufactured into a weather-resistant material. It can be made light or dense and yet can retain its comfort and breathability.
  • It easily stretches and is very soft which makes it a very comfortable choice of clothing. Known for its comfort, it is widely used in underwear and undershirt.
  • Cotton mostly does not cause allergies and is often recommended for those who have skin allergies. It is even used in medical products like bandages and gauze. It is also used for baby clothing.
  • Cotton is the main choice of clothing during summer as it is breathable and transmits moisture away from the body. It is highly absorbent which is the reason for its usage in towels. It keeps moisture from building up between the skin and clothing. The International Forum for Cotton Promotion has stated that cotton has the ability to take up to one-fifth of its weight of water before feeling damp.
  • Cotton can withstand high temperatures, making it possible to be cleaned and sanitized.

Cotton is bio-degradable and hence becomes environment friendly. Cotton can easily absorb dyes because of its natural white colour. It also retains colours better.It can be grown organically and be recycled. Cotton is ultimately easier to wash and to care for when compared to other fabrics.It can be easily draped and dry cleaned. The fabric can be easily cut and sewed into various types of garments. It is even used to make apparels and home uses like curtains, bedspreads, table mats, table cloth, napkins, towels, etc. India is till date the largest producer of cotton worldwide.  It is important to choose wisely what is our daily clothing material. And for that choice, cotton is the perfect go. Do you know Why is Cotton Considered as a good material for clothes? The answer is their soft texture and light weight.


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