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Why is the Quality of Material used in Clothing Important?

Clothing being the most appealing form of fashion is something that people use as a tool to look good and feel confident. Clothes make the man, but that is not all that they are supposed to do. Apart from covering up the body, clothes also have a whole lot of other duties like protecting the skin, allowing the skin to breathe and many more. In order to fulfil all these criteria, the quality of cloth is extremely crucial. So the question in concern is- Why is the Quality of Material used in Clothing Important?

Nowadays, there are many materials which have come into existence. Natural materials include cotton, wool and silk which are either plant-based or from animals. Synthetic materials have become extremely popular over the years. These are completely man-made from chemicals. These materials include polyester, acrylic, rayon and many others. Ever since the introduction of these materials in the 1980s, polyester has gained popularity and has overtaken the usage of cotton in recent times. Synthetic fibres are much more durable and cheap, making it an alternative to natural materials. But these fibres are made from complex chemical compounds and petroleum products which make it harmful for the skin when wearing on a prolonged period. Quality is not only based on the manufacture of the material. Quality has many other aspects like wear and tear, durability, comfort, the ability for skin to breathe and appropriateness for weather conditions. Quality also includes the stitching, closure and other defects in garment production. Clothing protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. It protects it from dust and pollution. Wearing material that is suitable for the weather climate is also very important. Day to day clothing is something that should make you feel comfortable and also presentable. It should be able to last longer and go through a lot of uses and washes. Some clothes which are poor in quality will show when the colour starts to fade away in the first few washes. Good quality dyes make the colour in the clothes stay the same even after a good number of washes.

Why is the Quality of Material used in Clothing Important? Wearing quality clothing makes a person feel good and present the self well. Buying less, choosing well and making it last are the mottos for quality clothing.  What more do we need other than wearing a piece of comfortable clothing and feeling confident in it? So always choose well and wise which type of clothes you want to flaunt your look in.


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