Casual Wear

Casual wear is derived deeply from the western culture. Causal wear refers to clothes that are not too flashy but neither too formal.

They are meant for comfort and are made as such from materials that can be comfortably wore and not have to uncomfortable in wearing them.

It includes clothes that do not fall under the category of formal wear and neither under the category of informal wear. They are made with the purpose of being comfortable and for being fashionable while keeping comfort as the priority.

Casual wear can also be referred to as “everyday wear” it means these clothes are comfortable enough to be worn on a daily basis for going through daily life. They are also called “leisurewear”.

Casual wear as we mentioned above is heavily focused on comfort and thus, the materials used are also kept as such. Casual wear is also heavy duty and is meant to sustain rough usage which is why materials such as denims and jeans are used.

In other ways, casual wear has also evolved from sportswear up to a certain extent which is why there is a great popularity of jogging suits or sweat pants and other sport related clothing items that are considered to fall under casual wear.

Casual wear is different for men and women although in case of casual wear it can be said that they are unisex compatible, meaning that sweat pants, t-shirts and jogging suits are worn by both men and women.

So, casual wear can be considered as unisexual up to a certain extent however, there are also certain differences between the clothing of two genders as, women’s casual clothing involves clothes that are free and comfortable and light to carry while for men, heavy denims also fall under casual wear.

In the end, clothing is all about taste and how we like to look and feel about our own selves which is why we at UNITO clothing always support our own personal expression through clothing and we support everyone to be free and open to wear anything that makes them comfortable, we are proud of our casual wears.

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