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What to Wear to Work During Winter?

The temperature’s gone down and it’s freezing outside. You don’t feel like getting out of your blankets but you have to. You can’t be late for work! So, the question is- What to wear to work during winter?

Is it tough to make a statement with your clothing when it’s the cold winter months?

Do you need to cover yourself in a way that you can never catch a cold?

Well, it’s not that tough to wear something fancy to your work even in the cold winter months.


In summer, wearing layers and exploring by mixing and matching is impossible as it gets you heated.

But during winters, it’s the other way round. The thing is, layering is necessary during the cold winter months as it traps heat between the layers making you feel toasty.

There is a lot of outfit and layering choices and the layers worn are of three types-

  1. Base layers (t-shirts or shirts)
  2. Middle layers (vest, cardigan or, sweaters)
  3. Top layers ( jacket, blazers and, coats)

Winter Appropriate Fabrics

Some fabrics can make you feel warmer than other fabrics.

  1. Wool- Wool is the warmest fabric and, is recommended for middle and top layering. One layer of wool can keep you warmer than many layers of other fabrics.
  2. Cotton- Cotton isn’t as warm as other fabrics but is breathable and reduces sweating. It is good as a base or middle layer.
  3. Denim- Denim jeans are a nice choice for a casual look. Denim can be worn as a middle or top layer as jackets or denim shirts.
  4. Leather- Leather is recommended for a top layer and can be worn as a leather jacket. Leather jackets don’t let air pass through them and are good for winter.


Knit dresses or sweaters can never go out of style!

Knit materials trap the heat between them and keep you warm. No wonder your grandmother sits with her crochet to knit a pair of socks or, sweater before the cold winter months!


Keep your legs from freezing by wearing a pair of stockings. Net stockings won’t protect you from the cold air hence, a pair of woolen or cashmere stockings will make the right choice.

Remember to not wear light or, bright-colored stockings as they will not protect you from the cold instead, wear black ones.


Don’t keep your hands or, neck bare. It will get you catching a cold.

Choosing the right accessories can protect you from the cold air that reaches directly for your bare body parts.

  1. HATS- Invest in a stylish winter hat or cap and protect your head from the cold. Wearing a hat or cap not just keeps your head warm, but your ears too.
  2. SCARVES- A thick-knit scarf will keep your neck warm. You can go for a colorful or checked scarf that compliments your outfit instead of a boring, dull color.
  3. GLOVES- Well-knit gloves can keep your palm and hands warm and increase your functionality in your workplace.

You won’t be requiring a cup of coffee every time your hands are cold just so that you can absorb the coffee cup’s heat!


If you are not willing to wear a scarf, wear a turtleneck. Turtlenecks can be worn by both men and women to work without making you look boring. And in addition to that, it keeps your neck warm.

Women can wear a turtleneck underneath their dress or shirt and men can wear it underneath their jacket, blazer, or overcoat. It looks extremely flattering and classy.

They keep you comfortable, yet in style!

Fingerless Gloves

The importance of gloves is already covered up under accessories but the need for fingerless gloves at work is questionable.

Why do you need fingerless gloves?

Do you feel cold in your hands but you have to write an article at your workplace? Do you have to open the gloves that you’re currently wearing, so that you can write freely?

Well, that won’t be an issue if you carry an extra pair of fingerless gloves which keeps your palms warm and lets you finish that article too!

Fingerless gloves are extremely comfortable and let you multitask.

The Right Shoes

Your regular shoes won’t help in protecting your feet from the cold.

Few aspects to look at regarding winter footwear-

  1. Interior lining
  2. Waterproof
  3. Traction soles

Good winter footwear will help your toes, soles, and feet from freezing. If it snows at your place, find a good boot with waterproof lining for avoiding the snow seep in.

If all these points of clothing are in check, you need not worry about what to wear to work during winter. You are already warm, in style and, good to go!

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