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Are knit and woven fabric same?

Fabric Industry is constantly evolving and making different kinds of clothes for consumers. Knit and Woven fabric are the two most popular types of clothing available. However, many of you are not aware of the basic difference between them. This leads to confusion and you often are unable to select the best product for yourself. Thus, we will answer that are Knit and Woven fabric same?

What is Woven Fabric?

The first thing we need to understand is the basic design of woven fabric and its characteristics. The fabric is constructed by weaving two strands of yarn that are either of the same or different colors. Moreover, it looks like a mesh structure where we get horizontal and vertical alignment. Some manufacturers even refer to it as checkboard fabric due to its design. Also, the right angle between the yarn strands helps in improving the overall strength of the cloth. Further, it is a common choice for weaving overcoats and blazers that give a baggy look.


  1. Structured Design- There is a lot of symmetry in the woven fabric due to the similarity in the weaving pattern. Also, the fabric will tend to retain the original shape even after being wet.
  2. Durability- As mentioned earlier, woven fabric is quite dependable even after several washes. Moreover, it will last longer as compared to other normal clothes in your closet.
  3. Regular Ironing- The structural design of this fabric will retain wrinkles for more duration. Thus, you should consider ironing it more often and should avoid extreme stretching.

What is Knit Fabric?

Now, we will discuss a few things about the Knit fabric and its various characteristics that you need to consider. This is a traditional way of manufacturing cloth where two yards are kneaded together with the help of needles. Further, it is classified into two different categories that have a unique method of knitting. Warp knitting involves the up and down movement of yarn alongside the needles. However, the Weft knitting includes back and forth movement of the yarn. It is often used in stitching shirts, leggings, cardigans, and other similar products.


  1. Soft- There is no doubt in the fact that knit fabric is quite soft and comfortable to wear. Hence, you can choose to wear it for long hours without any irritation. However, it all depends on the method that was used to knit that particular piece of clothing.
  2. Wrinkle Resistant- Unlike the Woven fabric, knitting does not affect the wrinkles on your cloth. Moreover, the wrinkles can be easily removed with a simple brush or casual ironing.
  3. Flexible- The flexibility of the knit fabric is the main reason that it is used to manufacture leggings and socks. This will provide proper aeration to the body without many issues.

Final Verdict

It is quite clear that there is a huge difference between Knit and Woven fabric. Also, they serve different purposes and require proper maintenance. However, you would consider visiting and consult with the best casual manufacturer in India. You can find a variety of fabric clothes according to your requirement.