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Decoding Dress Codes

Have you ever received an invitation that you were looking forward to going to, but the dress code mentioned in the invitation baffled you? We have all been in such a situation. Through this blog, let's discuss Decoding Dress Codes.

How are you supposed to translate two words mentioned as dress code into something you would wear? If you feel dress code sometimes sucks the fun out of getting ready for an occasion, then you may have not been able to properly decipher it. However, if you really understand the dress code you will have fun dressing up.

We have decoded here a few important dress codes in the simplest words. So, the next time you don’t let dress code spoil your mood by Decoding Dress Codes


It spells a sophisticated formal look. Men can choose their tuxedos, while women can wear floor-length gowns. Many women prefer wearing formal dresses, but anything above the knee is not appropriate to wear for Black-Tie events. Floor-length gowns are best paired with stilettos.


White Tie dress code also falls into the formal category. It is specified mostly for high-end evening weddings or royal ceremonies. Traditionally women also wore gloves to these events, and men wore a white bow. Gloves are not necessary today, but it is up to you to decide.


The cocktail dress code is usually for parties or festive events. Men can opt for suits and may ditch the tie. For women, there's a lot of room for experiment. You can wear short dresses that spell glam. If you're in doubt, you can wear your trusted LBD. You can also wear shimmery dresses. Wear statement jewellery.

Smart Casual

As the name suggests, it requires you to look smart in your casual attire. But please don't pick your joggers or trouser, they are not casual wear. You can get dressy. If you want to wear denim, pick basic jeans. Avoid distressed, ripped denim. Think of wearing chinos, with shirts or tees. For women, you can wear skirts with cute tops, add a jacket or a shrug for the smart look.

Business Casual

This dress code is what people wear to the office every day. For women, this means wearing a knee-length pencil skirt with a shirt or blouse, or formal dresses. You can also opt for tights, with formal Kurtis. Don't bring out your festive wardrobe. You can also wear formal dresses.

Business Formal

This look is as formal as it gets. Wear a button-up shirt with formal skirts or pants. Men can opt for a tie and blazer. Think about this look when you have to attend the corporate meetings. Wear closed-toe shoes. Women can opt for flats also.

Next time you have an invitation, you can get the dress code right if you read this article in advance. Remember, it is not just about getting your outfit right, it's also about the right shoe and jewellery. Keep your head high and strut in confidence.

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