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Guide To Selecting School Uniforms

School uniforms form an integral part of the schooling system. The first thing that children associate with their school is the uniform. A school uniform is not just a piece of clothing; it is a representation of the school and an identity for students. Students spend most of their waking hours in school, wearing their uniforms. Therefore, the design and features of a uniform should be selected carefully. Here we have explained the importance of uniforms as well as a guide to selecting school uniforms.

Importance of school uniforms

  • Discipline- Getting ready for school by wearing a uniform daily builds a routine for the children and instils discipline in them. It mentally prepares them for the day ahead.
  • Unity and equality- Uniforms bring unity and community spirit among the students irrespective of their social backgrounds.
  • Belongingness-Students develop a sense of belongingness and pride towards the institution through the uniforms.

Guide to selecting school uniforms

Certain criteria should be kept in mind while selecting uniforms so that the students wear them with interest and associate with them with pride.

  • Uniqueness- Make sure that the uniform you choose is unique. The design, pattern, and colour combinations should be different from other school uniforms. Uniform creates a brand identity for the school; incorporate the school colours and logo into the design.
  • Comfort- An academic year, on average consists of 200 days. Uniforms need to be comfortable as students spend a lot of time in them. Keep in mind the fabric features while selecting them.
  • Choose a fabric that does not irritate the skin. Ex- woven cotton
  • The fabric should be breathable and absorb perspiration.
  • It should be light-weight and easy to maintain. Fabrics that require dry-cleaning should be avoided.
  • Durability- Uniforms are worn throughout the year. They should be durable and have good colour fastness.
  • Good stitching- The quality of stitching in the uniforms should be strong and neat. The seams and stitches should not open out when children play. The uniform will not look professional if the stitching is bad.
  • Functional design- The design pattern of the uniform should provide a maximum range of movement for the students. It should be semi-fitted and not restrict any kind of movement.
  • The weather- It also needs to be considered while selecting the uniform. If you are in the cold regions, include blazers/sweaters as a part of the uniform. If you live in moderate or hot climatic regions, keep the uniform light and airy.
  • Easy to wear- Wearing the uniform every morning should not be a chore. The uniform must not be fussy. It should not have many elements and should be designed in a manner that students can wear it quickly and with ease. The buckles, hooks, zippers, and buttons should be easy to fasten.
  • Complimenting uniforms for boys and girls- In case of co-ed schools, make sure that the uniform of boys and girls is complimenting. Do not design them differently. The basic colours and design should be the same. Both boys and girls can wear the same shirt. The pants for boys can be of a single colour and the skirts for the girls can be a combination of one colour with that of the pant colour.

School uniforms inculcate and feeling of pride about their school in the students. Design the uniform to look professional and be professional. This guide to selecting school uniforms will help you design your school’s uniform to look smart and the students to wear them with happiness. Create a strong brand representation of your school through smart-looking uniforms.

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