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Hospital uniforms

The profession of a medical practitioner namely doctors, nurses, physicians, etc. is considered to be the noblest profession. The ability to save a person’s life, to bring a new life into the world and shutting the eyes of the deceased is what sets the doctor’s profession apart from the rest. The biggest difference between the profession of a medical practitioner and other profession is that the medical practitioner reaches the peak of their career, gets fame and money only when the others are gaining too. No other profession shreds a moment to think about the gain of the other party. Let us talk about Hospital uniforms.

When we see a doctor or nurse in their respective uniform, we start trusting their expertise. Practitioners wearing proper attire make them look more professional and presentable. The uniforms also act as a sanitary cloth worn by surgeons, nurses, physicians and other professionals of the medical field, involved in taking care of the patients while operating them or when at then the hospitals.

The hospital uniforms are known as scrubs which are mainly worn by nurses. They are light coloured, plain clothing where both top and pants are of the same colour.

So let us know some of the benefits of scrubs.

  • Scrubs are very comfortable – We have often seen nurses wearing loose-fitting, plain uniforms. These uniforms are known as scrubs and they are very comfortable for the nurses and/or doctor to move around here and there, and even run in times of emergency.
  • Scrubs are easily accessible – the scrubs have lots of spacious pockets for putting in necessary things. It is very helpful for doctors and mainly nurses to carry pens, scissors, gloves, torchlight or anything that they might need.

Now, let us talk about the white coats worn by the doctors. Doctors wear white coats because the white colour signifies health and hygiene. The white colour represents purity and portrays commitment made by the doctors to save each life.

Some of the benefits of wearing white coat offers are:

  • The coat helps to maintain the body temperature of doctors in the chilly hospital environment
  • It creates an emphasis on the patients
  • The big pockets make it easy to carry a stethoscope

We often wonder as to why do doctors wear green coloured clothes when performing surgery or operation.

The reason behind wearing a green or blue coloured uniform for conducting a surgery is:

  • The white coloured uniform can blind the surgeons when shifting their gaze from red bloodstains to the white uniform of their colleagues or themselves. Shifting of attention or becoming blind is the biggest no-no when performing a surgery.
  • The colour of the uniforms is kept to be green or blue because they are contrasting to colour and refreshes the vision of the doctor in between the surgery.

This was brief information about the importance and reasons for the use of hospital uniforms. It is always advisable to provide uniforms to your staff when in the medical field, for better wash and reduced contamination.

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