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Is FR Clothing Effective?

FR here stands for Flame Resistance. Now, I believe you know what FR clothing can mean. Clothing fabric that can withstand flames. The cloth will self-extinguish once the source of combustion is eliminated. Where and when do you think such clothing will come in hand? Factories, industries, fire brigade teams, etc. to protect the employees. They are primarily manufactured to safeguard workers by keeping them from electric arc flash and flash fire. And naturally, because of these garments' ability, flame-resistant clothing is costlier than non – flame resistant clothing.

How does it work?

Flame-resistant clothes are not necessarily fireproof. They only avoid catching fire and avoid stop the burning, even if they catch fire. But remember, eliminating the source to ignition is the key here. These clothes are composed of substances that do not liquefy into the skin and act as thermal insulators to avoid further damage.

FR Clothing garments can last up to 4 years if the fabric is 100% cotton. And evidently, it has saved many lives from exposure to fatal heat. Skin-tight clothes can be dangerous as they can pass hotness to the skin faster, leading to severe burns. Therefore, Flame-resistant clothing must have a loose fit as they have an airy layer between the cloth and the skin, promoting insulation and improving the garment’s protective abilities. Layering FR clothing is a worthwhile effort of safeguarding the body from possible threats. If the topmost layer is burned, the next layers will be able to avoid flames from harming the skin.


  • Although it will avoid melting the garment into the skin, it still won’t be able to protect your skin completely. You will experience burns and injuries, just not as severe as it could have been without FR clothing.
  • Again, FR clothes are NOT fire-proof. The wearer mustn't be wearing any other synthetic garment underneath. Melting is possible regardless of the outer layer catching fire.

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