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Work Wear Trends 2020

Work wear is the word used to describe the clothes worn by workers in any specific field of work. Work here typically refers to manual work, and workers are those who are involved with manual work. Companies are inching towards more organized and safer working environments, and hence are investing huge amounts in work wear for their employees. Work wear is a way to ensure safety of the workers. But nowadays, going by the trends in fashion, it seems like work wear is emerging as a trend. With more and more brands and designers turning their attention to work wear, there is sure to be a drastic fashion upheaval of work wear clothes. Here, we discuss some work wear trends 2020 which are sure to make work wear more fashionable in the near future.

Work wear Trends 2020

We have categorized the work wear trends for better understanding.

  1. Coveralls and Overalls. They might seem the same to a normal person, but they are two completely different pieces of clothing. Coveralls are designed as one piece of fabric. They are generally loose-fitting and worn over other clothes or undergarments. Overalls are trousers attached to a bib and shoulder straps. They are less restricting than coveralls but offer lesser protection than them. Recently there was a shift in the fashion industry, and coveralls and overalls have gotten their undue attention. With designers shifting their focus to work wear, overalls are what entice them most. Overalls are starting to grace runway and find their way into high-end clothing centres. And coveralls are not far behind. In due time, there will be an influx  of new designs and patterns of the standard Coveralls and Overalls which channel the fashion forward side of the worker.
  2. Jackets and Coats. Jackets and Coats have always been in fashion. But nowadays, faux-leather, wear and tear resistant coats and jackets are in trend. They are a mix of your daily workers’ jackets with high fashion.
  3. Neon/ High-visibility wear. NEON is making waves in the fashion industry. Neon clothing has found its way into the average persons’ house. This gives an opportunity for clothing manufacturers to move away from the boring age-old designs and incorporate chicness into their garments without losing out on its usability and quality.

These are just some of the few workwear trends of 2020. The change in peoples’ viewpoint about workwear has fuelled a rapid shift in the design and usability of workwear garments. This ensures that workwear continues to do what it was designed for, and yet becomes a way to expresses ones fashion forwardness.

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